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Catching Up

Things have been happening so fast, I haven’t had much time to keep everyone updated.

Friday was the opening at the FUSION gallery in Belleview. In spite of some rain, there was a great turn out, and sales were good.

Here I am at the gallery with Cincinnati’s most creative couple. Artist, Samuel Ruder, and his girlfriend and Weaver, Deb Cline. (photo by Dan Copsey)

Thanks again everyone for your support at the show!

I stayed in Cincinnati with my sister and brother-in-law, who were in town for the Flying Pig Marathon.

My sister injured her ankle while training for the race, but I ran with my brother-in-law, Neil, Sunday morning.

Marathon FinishersPhotos by Carrie Frank

Neil is new to running… we finished the race in 4hours 30 minutes (23 minutes faster than his last race…and Cincinnati is a harder course!) A very impressive time for someone who has been running less than 2 years!

The Cincinnati Enquirer wrote a nice article about me you can read here.

Photo by Stevie McNeil

Tuesday, I was still sore from the race, but wanted to see the Delta Queen docked in Maysville. I hobbled over to Limestone Landing and after a few hours, had a great painting and sunburn.

Then I hopped in my car to visit Artcroft and empty the kiln.


I had some pots that will be displayed at the Ohio River Valler Art Guild show at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center. The opening is this friday from 5pm-9pm. As always, it was nice to see Robert and Maureen and meet their current resident, Rob Ehle, a writer from San Francisco, CA, who recently was awarded the Stegner Fellowship.

If you are tired from reading all this, you can probably guess how I have felt lately….but I sure am having a great time!