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busy framing

I’ve been busy setting up studio. The studio is 90% ready, but I am working out the finishing touches. Since I have 60 new paintings to frame, I have started cutting some frames in the basement. The weather was nice today, so I painted the frames in the backyard.
I am trying to find a way to use the fence to hold the frames while they dry.

I think I am going to like being a townie. My drive to the Y took less than 5 minutes (yeah I should have rode my bike, but it looked like it could have rained. I plan to bike a lot!). I walked to the library in 10 minutes.

I want to have a small open house at the end of the month. I will announce the date and time as soon as I know, but it will most likely be on Saturday, March 29th. I will send invitations soon. If you live in the area, and aren’t sure if you are on my invite list, send me an email…I’ll make sure to invite you!