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Blog Action Day – WATER

Today is Blog Action Day.  Each year, bloggers around the world write about a common issue.  This year’s issue is water.

This monotype, titled , “Rock The Boat”  was created for Blog Action Day.

Hopefully, you think about Rocking The Boat in your community. 

I think it’s sad that here on the Ohio River, we are surrounded by water, but it is badly polluted.  We can’t safely swim in the river, let alone drink or eat fish from the water.  Even water from the creeks are tainted with chemicals from agriculture. 

Most people I know can’t drink their tap water…they have to buy bottled water (which has serious environmental consequences) I think one of the ‘best’ countries in the world should be able to take better care of their resources.

You can read more about Blog Action Day and Water issues by visiting their website here:

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