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Big South Fork


I spent an extended weekend backpacking at Big South Fork National Recreation Area.


It is one of the country’s best kept secrets, the park offers pristine hiking trails in a gorge-ous area where the New River and Cumberland rivers meet.


Over the years, the water has cut beautiful cliffs, caves and hills, allowing great views and shelter for weary hikers. The shelter was particularly appreciated, as we waited out a few thunderstorms while sleeping in a dry cave.


Unfortunately, I did not get much photography or painting done. It rained off and on the entire trip, and I spent most of the ‘dry’ time swimming in the river, enjoying breathtaking views of nature.


As you might suspect…where there is water, there are also bugs. I try not to use DEET, so now that I am home, I am suffering the consequences. I am covered head to toe with insect bites, since I wouldn’t put chemicals on my body, I am taking medicine to keep from scratching off my skin.

Was it worth it? Certainly! I had a great time…thanks Ron and Bruce for inviting me on the hike!