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Beautiful Bellevue

One of the best things about Cincinnati is that it faces Kentucky.

I have a show coming up in Bellevue, Ky at the FUSION gallery, and I am bringing my press.  That night, I will print a block print of Bellevue…I might sell 2…maybe 20, but I will only print them that night, so they will be a very special edition.



For inspiration for the block print, I visited Eden Park, and sketched Beautiful Bellevue.  I’m going to make some adjustments to the composition, but it will be a great block print…here’s a closer look at the sketch:

This would make an awesome monotype too!

OK, so if you want to be there to see the print come to life.  It’s Friday, November 5 at the FUSION gallery in Belleview 5-9pm!

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