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east tawas mi 7.24.2007

greetings from east tawas MI.

I had a very frustrating morning. l slept beside the highway, disturbed every-so-often by a passing truck or woodland critter. l was freezing and damp and tired. My hands were chapped from not wearing gloves, I was sunburnt…you get the idea. I was not having the experience that I set out to have…oh yeah, did i say it looked like rain?
Then there was East Tawas.I had breakfast at Mcdonalds…afamiliar comfort, then visited the local wal-mart for some gloves, a raincoat, and some food for the road.
Across the street was a park with a marina. The light was that morning light painters dream of…pink,purple, and blue with clouds in the sky…is there going to be a storm, or is that light peeking through the clouds?
I decided to paint the maina, in spite of boats being a difficult subject to paint. I was greeted by a friendly boater who asked about my travels. I told him about my trip, then found a place to paint on the pier.
A pair of women stopped to watch me paint. Barbara, owns a gallery and art supply shop overlooking the shore. she sells paints made with honey as the binder. The pigments look rich, l’m eager to try them out.
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Augusta’s Bluegrass Festival

After the art show, Today, I got my bike. Brian Todd made some modifications to keep me comfortable during the trek and allow me to carry all the gear I would need during my trip. Brian’s wife, Kim, organized a bluegrass festival as a replacement for the city’s discontinued “Regatta Festival”. Money was raised to help with the preservation of Augusta’s historic jailhouse.

On my way out of town, I took some time from my packing to listen to and Jake Speed and the Freddies. Laying on the grassy bank of the Ohio river, | wounded if I wasn’t making a mistake by leaving my happy Kentucky home. Hopefully it doesn’t change while I am away. I have a fear that progress will eventually discover the little town, and it will be plaqued with fast food and Cincinatti’s sprawl.

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Art Show At Banana Tree Studios

13 July 2007

Art Show At Banana Tree Studios

I was invited to participate in a special “All Male” exhibit of local artists at the Banana Tree Studios in Flemingsburg, KY. The exhibit features myself along with Jack Donahue (pastel), Ken Macht (ceramics), and Tom Ross (photography). Hosted by Kathy and Ken Macht, the opening was well attended and a pleasure for everyone who participated.

Sales were above my expectations, and I met a lot of friendly people, enthusiastic about my work.

Ken and Kathy are a class act, and anyone traveling near Flemmingsburg will not be disappointed by a visit to their studio/gallery

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I’m not dead…just working a lot!

Early this month was Augusta’s Art In The Garden. June 3rd

I seriously considered not participating this year.
I’ve been in school all year, and unable to develop a strong body of work. I reluctantly decided to do the show since I have been in this show for the last 6 years, and it is in my home town.

The show was a success!
I have noticed that each year, the show is a bigger and bigger success. Many friends came to the show…some I had not seen for a few years. I had a great time, and am glad I decided to do the show after all. Thanks everyone for coming out!

Before the show, I had a few questions about the direction of my work.
Taking a year from studio work to study computers, I had moments when I thought I would like to work with computers to make a living. Other times, I deeply resented my studies and felt I was ruining my life depriving myself time to create artwork.

I have been working hard with my art since the show
I love being an artist. There are some exciting possibilities with technology that I will continue to pursue, but my primary objective is to be an artist, so that has been my focus over the summer.

A few shows are coming up:
I will be one of the exhibitors this saturday at ‘the Written Word’ bookstore in Ripley, Oh 4-8pm

  • one of a 3man show at ‘Bananna Tree Studios’ in Flemmingsburg, Ky -July Friday the 13th
  • ‘Art In the Park’ in Belleview, Ky -September 15
  • ‘fresh art’ at the Beringher-Crawford museum in Covington, Ky -Septemeber 16
  • ‘hyde park square art show’ in Cincinnati, Oh October 7

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5 Things NOT to do at a triathlon

I’m a little behind keeping up with my blog. I should have posted it two weeks ago…I hope it’s still relevant.

5 Things NOT to do at a triathlon

1. Underestimate the importance of a good night’s rest
I help a friend at his restaurant one or two days a week. Friday night before the race, he was extremely short staffed. I was the waiter for the entire restaurant while training a girl on her first day as a waitress. To make matters worse, there was a high volume of customers. Needless to say, I did not get a good night’s rest the day before the race. I did not get to sleep until about 2 am, and I felt like I had already ran a triathlon.

2. Pack for the morning of the race
Organizational skills are not my best asset. I packed a lot of my gear the morning of the race. 30 minutes before the start of the race, I realized that I had forgotten my goggles! I was very lucky that a good friend happened to have a spare pair.
Thanks again, Laura!

3. Plan for perfect conditions
During the swim, I felt good, I did not panic, and my form was excellent. However, I was one of the last to get out of the water. This was particularly frustrating because I had been working hard to improve my stroke all year. My placement in the swim was worse than last year’s! When I got to my bicycle, I had a flat tire!

4. Give up when discouraged
Not only did I forget to pack my goggles, I also forgot to bring my bicycle pump. I carry a small pump on my bike, but It does not get enough pressure for a 25 mile race! I almost went home , when a spectator offered me the use of his pump. I changed my tire, and followed the course…doomed to the shame of last place.

5. Bring a highly competitive spirit
While finishing the race, I thought about why I was racing in the first place. I’m not an elite athlete, I pretty much do it for fun…and my health. I was so worried about my rank, that I didn’t allow myself to have a good time. Once I realized my mistake, the race became very enjoyable. Maysville is a beautiful city, and it’s a great course!

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Plein Air Wednesday at McGee’s Bakery-May 23, 2007

Sorry I haven’t been very good at posting over the last month. Along with my usual excuse of having a busy life, I recently started using the Devorak keyboard layout. I’ve been typing extremely slow, and kept my typing to a minimum. Anyway, here’s the post I would have typed a week ago:

It was one of the first hot days of the year, and the first day of the season for plein air Wednesday. For 3 years now, a group of local artists meet every other Wednesday for fellowship, and to paint in the open air.

To start the season, we met at McGee’s bakery. A local favorite situated on a picturesque farm in Mason County. Before starting with a cheese danish and cup of coffee, l strolled along a path, scouting out the picture-perfect scene. I gravitated toward the old wooden barn. From my direction, I could see the barn, dirt path, bakery and farmhouse with rolling hills in the background.

since it was the beginning of the season, I was feeling particularly ambitious, and decided to mash everything into one scene. With all the scenes, it was impossible to choose one.

While painting,I was aproached by the resident herd of cows. Curious about a stranger painting in their field, they gathered around to watch. One of the younger cows must have been inspired. He came very close to smell my paint and brushes.

It was good to get back to my passion…painting outside. The delicious cookies and danishes didn’t hurt either!

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friday the thirteenth

Friday the Thirteenth

What a weird day.
My ipod broke.
Work was stranger than usual.
A black cat crossed my path on the way home from school
(i think there was white on it’s paws so it shouldn’t count…right?)
and when I got home, the heater for my room was fried.

I’m not really superstitious, but…

hope everybody had good luck!!!


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photo of the artist

I was trying to describe a painting’s size to a potential customer over email, and included a photograph. To illustrate the work’s size in proximity to a human.

I usually like to be on the other side of the camera, but since it’s not my worst photo, I thought I’d share with you all.

Sorry, guys, the painting sold. I do have prints if anyone needs one.