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Augusta’s Bluegrass Festival

After the art show, Today, I got my bike. Brian Todd made some modifications to keep me comfortable during the trek and allow me to carry all the gear I would need during my trip. Brian’s wife, Kim, organized a bluegrass festival as a replacement for the city’s discontinued “Regatta Festival”. Money was raised to help with the preservation of Augusta’s historic jailhouse.

On my way out of town, I took some time from my packing to listen to and Jake Speed and the Freddies. Laying on the grassy bank of the Ohio river, | wounded if I wasn’t making a mistake by leaving my happy Kentucky home. Hopefully it doesn’t change while I am away. I have a fear that progress will eventually discover the little town, and it will be plaqued with fast food and Cincinatti’s sprawl.

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  1. Thanks for visiting me on dA. Love Love Love your new website look. This is fabulous! Cant wait to see your plein air paintings along the way. Have a safe and wonderful journey.

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