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Athens Theater / Mt. Dora Art Show

I love the coast, but Florida’s interior is more familiar to me.

A lot of Kentucky racehorses are raised in central Florida.  Much of the state is on a similar limestone that gets in the grass and makes strong horse bones.

And cows…

This bull with horns ran up to me…he wanted a treat.

I discovered a treat while driving through Deland, FL – The Athens Theatre


There aren’t a lot of old things in Florida, so this beautiful theater from the 1920’s got my attention.

I was lucky to meet Alan Ware, one of the creative forces behind the theater.
Alan gave me a tour of the restored theater.

It was originally built for vaudeville performances.

And was visited by many famous performers

This panel was a surprise that was uncovered during the restoration.

The ‘Green Room’ under the stage

The building had a great creative energy, and I hope to return to the Athens Theater soon to catch a show, and explore more of Deland.
Photo 2013-02-06 06.38.33 AM
From Deland, I drove to Mt. Dora to visit my friend Samuel Ruder  (more about him later)

Photo 2013-02-06 06.38.14 AM
While enjoying the art, I tried a new food called Aripas.  It is a Mexico/Central American Corn pancake stuffed with mozzarella cheese.  I have never heard of them, but they are a common fair food at Florida art shows.

A great zydeco band, the Porchdogs, performed during the show.

Mt. Dora created a great cultural experience with their art show.  It was a feast for the eyes, ears and mouth.
I also

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