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Asparagus Festival at Mayslick, KY

me at asparagus festival in Mayslick.jpg
After living in the area for 8 years, I finally had a chance to participate in the world famous asparagus festival in Mayslick, KY.

mr and Mrs asparagus.jpg
Jim and Jennifer Gleason from Sunflower Sundries

I haven’t met any nicer folks than the people I met at Mayslick. Nice as can be…and they really love asparagus!

Too much asparagus!
There’s so much asparagus flying around…watch out! A piece may get stuck in your head…

Like this poor dog!!!

There is a large Amish community around Mayslick. While at the festival, a friend wanted to get some pictures of the Amish…but didn’t want to offend their “no modern technology” lifestyle. We pretended to take pictures of each other…while really catching candid shots of our old-fashiond neighbors. I won’t name names, but watch out for paintings with Amish folk in them from one of Maysville’s best watercolor painters

meWithRibbonMy asparagus painting won for the humorous category in the Asparagus art category. LOL!!! I didn’t want to accept the prize because I knew the judge…but in a small town where everybody knows everybody…it’s hard NOT to know the judge. I ended up keeping the prize, and donating the painting to the festival’s permanent asparagus art collection. I think everyone was happy!

What a great saturday! I can’t remember when I had so much fun!! I won’t miss it next year, and neither should you…