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artZINE May2018-Mt. Sterling, KY – NEVER AGAIN

May 31st, 2018 was our  9th monthly Art Zine in Mt. Sterling, KY. Our theme was – NEVER AGAIN. Here are the pages. Click any of the images (or right here)to see /download/print all the pages from the zine (including the 15 different hand painted covers).

If you’d like to download and print your own copy of our zine, a printable PDF of the zine here:!AtHTtTOFjtUTpRCLqZdp-dmWU8zh

thanks everyone for participating! June’s ArtZINE will be in Barboursville on the 21st at Barboursville Park (Shelter #3) our theme is ‘THE LONGEST DAY’



Kay Schafer



Anna Tufono


Vicki Wenz



Melissa Smathers-Barnes



Sue Ellen Gorman



Gayle Massie



Ken Swinson



Suzanne Pick





Thanks everyone for participating…and especially the Montgomery County Public Library for hosting May’s artZine.

You can see/download a copy of the entire artZINE (including 15 handpainted covers) by clicking here.