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ArtZINE April 2018-Rabbit Hash, KY

April 23, 2018 was our  8th monthly Art Zine in Rabbit Hash, KY. Our theme was – I REMEMBER WHEN. Here are the pages. Click any of the images (or right here)to see /download/print all the pages from the zine (including the 26 different hand painted covers).

If you’d like to download and print your own copy of our zine, a printable PDF of the zine here:!AtHTtTOFjtUTpAXO4oRsmRZQrPK6

thanks everyone for participating! May’s ArtZINE will be in Mt. Sterling, KY  (date and location still TBD) our theme is ‘NEVER AGAIN’





Pattie Purnell



Susan Herzog



Kenneth Koeppel



Lauri Aultman



Regina Lang



Duane Doyle



Karalyn Kavanaugh



Courtney Spear


Mica Renes



Martha Grout


Margie Lakeberg



Beth Laskey


Rosemary Topie


Jim Lally


Laurie Baker


Nancy Gamon


Doug Noe




Peggy Noe



Diana Anzorena



Teresa Davis



Richard Albin



Ken Swinson