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ArtCroft day3 (Tornados and Rainbows)

Last night, furious winds crossed the hills in Kentuckyland. When I woke up, there was no electricity and I saw the veranda attached to the resident’s quarters had been blown down.

tornado damage at artCroft
My cell phone worked, and I called my friend who was staying at my old house with the dogs and cats. During last night’s storm, a tornado passed between me and my neighbor’s house. The barn was leveled, the outhouse vanished, The neighbor’s trampoline 2 acres away broke a window, and enough roof is missing from the house so you can see the stars through the ceiling!

It’s probably good that I missed all the excitement. The animals are all safe, and nothing irreplaceable was destroyed.

After a few hours, the electricity came back on, and I went to my studio to work. It was a good escape from my worries, and I almost finished my second oil painting. The rain stopped, so I strapped on my waterproof hiking boots and took a walk around the farm.

sketching a pond at artCroft

I sketched a scene where a stream emptied into a pond, then followed the stream for a while. It is very easy to keep walking, because every corner you turn offers new beautiful views. I was a good distance from the studio, when the skies changed from blue to grey to black, so I quickly changed direction and returned to the studio. I got a little wet, but made it to shelter before the torrential downpour started.

rainbow at artCroft
After drying off and doing some painting, the storm stopped as abruptly as it started, and the sky displayed one of the most magnificant rainbows i have ever seen!

I returned to my work, until dinner time. After dinner, I had a few inspired hours when I started a new oil painting. I tried to use my camera to record video of me creating the artwork, but the memory filled up without my knowing, so I continued painting without being recorded. I have always thought the first moments of a new painting are the most exciting anyway! I should have the video ready to share soon!

I am having a great experience out here!


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