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Artcroft Day 9

snowy Hill Top Panorama
Today, I woke to the sound of ice sliding off the roof…crashing to the ground. A combination of sleet and snow fell for most of the day. The wintry mix changed the landscape from yellow to white.

 snowy trail
I took a break inbetween painting sessions and took a walk around the farm.

residents Quarters
A view of the resident’s quarters.

I invited Robert and Maureen to visit my studio today. I asked Robert for a critique on my work, and was grateful for his insight. I admire anyone who can put words to the process of making visual art. It’s always easy to say “I like this/I like that”, but the ability to explain why something is working…or why something is not working. I hope I can develop that skill over time.


Sorry not to have new work for this post, but larger oil paintings take much more time to finish than smaller oil pastel paintings. I plan to have 2 or 3 finished tomorrow, so please keep watching this site!