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Artcroft Day 7

For the seventh day, I slowed down a bit…still, I painted 2 more small oil pastels,

a great tree full of chickens with a rooster at the top of the tree

a cluster of houses…but much nicer to look at than some of the recent sprawl common here in the U.S.

I used today to go to the Y in paris and do some swimming. I did not pay attention to my time, but I think I got a good mile worth of laps. Then I did laundry, bought some groceries and returned to Artcroft. After a few hours away, it felt good to see the Artcroft sign and return home.

I try to use sunday as a day for staying in touch with my family, so much of the evening was spent sitting by the fire and catching up with my loved ones.

Now if I could only get a handle on my email! Thank you everyone for your encouraging email and blog posts. I want to reply to everyone, but there is only so much time…and so many pictures to paint! I will be in touch with everyone soon! Thank you again for the overwhelming support…it really keeps me going!