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Artcroft Day 30

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Today is my last at Artcroft.

I spent a few hours cleaning up my studio and packing everything in my car.


Then, I took some photos of Mia Capodilupo working in her studio. She is working on an assemblage using fibers and cast rubber on stretched canvas. I am sorry that I am leaving so soon, because it looks like it will be an awesome piece when it is finished.

I spent some time turning compost, when an idea came to mind (it’s amazing how creative thinking works!). Since both Joe and Mia are artisits who work in multi-media, wouldn’t it be interesting to make a panoramic photo of their entire studio with the artist exposed multiple times so that you could see them working in the different media?

They both graciously allowed me into their studio for a second time, and here are the results of the shoot:

Here is Mia in her studio:

Mia Panorama

Here is Joe in his studio:

Joe Panorama

I made a fire in the fireplace, and then looked through some of the books I had wanted to curl up with the entire month at Artcroft. Right before dinner, Joe came into the kitchen with a startled look on his face.

His mother just called to wish him a happy birthday…he forgot his own birthday! I can understand how it happened. At Artcroft, time slows down a bit…in a good way.

Maureen brought some Belgian creampuffs for dessert. And then I traded Artist Trading Cards With Joe and Mia.

After rattling on a bit…making plans to see each other soon, Robert finally asked with a big smile on his face, “so when are you going to leave?”

I didn’t want to, but it was time to go. After having such a wonderful month at Artcroft, I was afraid that I would be very sad to leave. While driving home, I was suprised that I did not feel sad at all. I will certainly miss being at Artcroft, but the feeling at Artcroft has always been joy and happiness, and I am going to take that with me to my new home. I made some very good friends, and Artcroft is only a short drive away. Robert and I have already planned to work together on some future projects.

Robert and Maureen have created a very special place for artists and writers. Thank you so much for the opportunity to work as artist-in-residence at Artcroft.


1 thought on “Artcroft Day 30

  1. Ken: Your artist in residency at Artcroft was a real treat. Your commitment
    to your work and your talent are admirable, your willingness to pitch in with the daily tasks
    and share your internet knowledge were most helpful. We look forward to your artistic successes
    and continued participation with Artcroft. Best wishes, Maureen and Robert
    Great to have made friends with you and I am looking forward to taking on some projects in the coming days

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