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Artcroft Day 28

I’m running a little late with today’s post, yesterday was action packed.

The Writer’s At Artcroft meet the first Sunday of each month. I am not a writer, but enjoy reading, and particularly enjoy hearing writers reciting their own work. Everyone (not me) read a poem that they had written during the month, and after a discussion about epilogues, they were given some time to write something that began with an epilogue. Then everyone (not me) took turns reading what they wrote. I was impressed with the quality of work they were able to come up with on the spot.

Robert With Black Baby In Lap
Little Black baby even came to the writer’s meeting. She still hasn’t received a name, but I suspect she may deserve the name of one of the great writers…because I could tell that she diggs poetry!

I had agreed to help the group with their website, and after the meeting, was asked to explain my ideas to the group. I am a very weak public speaker, and after a very awkward presentation, I think the group was still interested in my idea. I need to work on my public speaking.

writers Group
My photography skills were not so sharp that day either…I am sorry for such a poor photo of the group…especially to Joe who is blocked out of the picture. But pictured in the photo right to left are Jude Lalley, Jennifer Gleason, Mary-Louise Dean, Mia Capodilupo, Joe Netta(behind Robert), Ed Taylor, and Jennifer Baldwin.

After the meeting, I went with Robert to load a truckload of firewood. The weather has been unusually warm, and I had a strong urge to create a plein air painting. By the time the wood was unloaded, the sky was dark gray, and some rain was falling. I decided to work on a web design project. After a few hours, I looked out the window, and the sun was back out, and I wondered what I was doing inside doing computer work? It is true what they say about Kentucky weather. If you don’t like it…wait 15 minutes!
me Plein Air
So I stomped outside with my oil pastels and made a painting of my studio. I have had a great time there, and I wanted to capture it’s image.
studio At Artcroft

full Moon Studio

After dinner, I returned to the studio, and made a painting of the studio under the full moon. It is a diptych. I think it will be interesting to frame

2 thoughts on “Artcroft Day 28

  1. Beautiful lighting in the Moon paintings!

  2. Thanks Jess, I was talking to Robert about how to frame it. I think I will use a dark blue mattboard, and then paint stars on it!

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