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Artcroft Day 27

It was beautiful this morning! I did some straightening up, then went to the studio, and continued my web design project. By 11am, I had resolved the problem that was bothering me yesterday.

I went with Robert to get some firewood, but all the snow, ice and rain made the muddy hill impossible to drive up to, so we returned home empty handed.

I took a 7 1/2 mile run around the block, then did some sketching of the view behind my studio.

Joe Netta arrived first. He is a multi-media artist from Delaware,
followed by Mia Capodilupo, a fiber artist from Chicago.

dinner At Artcroft
Dinner at Artcroft…welcome Joe and Mia

Rolling Hills
Back in the studio, I was struck by the way the light was illuminating the rolling hills in the distance. I thought it would make a great oil pastel painting.

Tomorrow is the writer’s workshop at Artcroft. 10am Writers, if you aren’t able to make it tomorrow, they meet every first Sunday of the month, so mark your calendars.

I am going to miss it here. Only 3 days of my residency left!