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Artcroft Day 26

Whenever I type the title of my blog post with a countdown of the days I have been at Artcroft, I am reminded that I have only a few days remaining in-residence. I spent today in my studio working on a web design project. It is graphic intensive, and the clients have given me plenty of room for creativity, so it is not as horrible as it sounds. I enjoyed the tranquility and absence of distractions. I have been reading a few articles about focus, and how working on one thing at a time allows you to really focus on the work…and you are more productive. Today, I decided to tackle a large portion of the web project.

I only did one thing today, so I don’t feel like I have much to write about, but I feel like I got a lot done.

In the evening, the deer came to the front yard at the resident’s quarters at Artcroft for a green grassy treat. Of course I only had my lousy point-and-shoot camera on hand, but I was still able to capture the moment.


The camera I had on hand wasn’t taking good pictures, so I grabbed my sketchbook and gave it a go…rendering the old fashioned way. So I did get to draw some today after all!
deer Sketches

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