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Artcroft Day 25

snow Trail
I woke early, greeted by blue skies. I strapped on my boots, and took a walk around the farm. I took some photos, but really just wanted to enjoy the outdoors.

snow Catchers
I have always wondered what those plants were…they are snowcatchers…of course!

Inspired by the beautiful hike, I painted a series of small snow scenes.
snow Scene

snow Scene 2

snow Scene 3

I am starting to think about the things I will need to do when my residency is over. I have a web design job waiting that is very creative and interesting. I spent a large part of the day working on it.

When the Barkers got home, I helped Robert get the Barn door back on track. Pissaro, the daddy goat, must have kicked it off somehow.
goat Family
While the door was open, Shirley decided that she wanted to go outside…and the babies followed.

Robert Feeding Black Baby
Here is Robert feeding the little black baby…she never got off the bottle (I know some people like that too!)

Having the door open gave me enough light to photograph the babies…but these photos were taken at dusk so sorry about the photo quality.

2 thoughts on “Artcroft Day 25

  1. I love the top snowscene painting there!

  2. Thanks! It’s one of my favorites too. However, I am looking forward to spring, when all this snow is a memory.

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