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Artcroft Day 24

Today, every time I looked out the window, the weather was different. First it was dark, and snowy, then sunshine. Mother nature couldn’t make up her mind…and it made it hard for me to plan my day too!

I decided to stay inside for a while and work on a project that requires flash programming. I have a basic understanding of ActionScript 3.0, but sometimes I get stuck, and it can take a while to resolve the problem. Here is a small flash that I used to test my code:
[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”550″ width=”400″ fversion=”9″ useexpressinstall=”true”/]
the idea is that when your mouse hovers over the picture, it enlarges…if your mouse stays over the image for 2 seconds, then additional information is displayed. The animation looks simple, but the problem solving that makes it work took me a few hours. But now I can use the same technique when I get to work on the project.

I wanted to run at least 5 miles today, so I strapped on my running shoes in spite of the erratic weather patterns. It was one of the most beautiful runs I have had. Snow fell the entire run, and the landscape had fresh snow cover. I was greeted by horses and cows, and a little dog during the run. The snowfall got very heavy for the last two miles of the run, so I returned home covered in a fresh layer of snow.

In the studio, I finally created a halfway decent painting with asparagus.

After dinner, Maureen asked if I was going to be at the writer’s group on Sunday, which started a conversation about writing for children. I am often encouraged to illustrate for children’s books, and Maureen has written a beautiful poem for children which would make a great book.

Hmm…the creative gears in my head are whirring!

2 thoughts on “Artcroft Day 24

  1. I think your art would be great illustrations for children’s books.

  2. Thanks! I am getting better at focusing on big projects, and think I will give it a try soon.

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