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Artcroft Day 23

I wanted to spend the day painting asparagus, so I started out by working on a few artist trading cards.

After 2 failed attempts to make an interesting painting with asparagus, a wet little dog was knocking on my door.
It was Flurry. She had been outside in the sleet, and wanted to stay dry in the studio with me.

With Flury for company, we decided I should paint a a tree with crows…like the one I saw on the icy hike with Angela.

I made a few sketches of the chickens, and put them together into a small painting.

The chickens made me think of eggs, and birds nests, so I finished the day with two small paintings of eggs in nests.

Today the chickens came before the eggs.
eggs In Nest


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  1. I love the baby chicks! They make me think of poor Charly!

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