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Artcroft Day 22

It feels so good to be home!!!

After sleeping at my studio in Maysville, I hitched a ride with a friend to Cincinnati where the Saturn dealer made a new key for my car. I was able to get back to Artcroft, where I immediately went to my studio and returned to my paintings.

Back in the studio

Later in the afternoon, Robert needed some help unloading 2 metal shelves that each had 90 drawers. It was auctioned off at the University of Kentucky…originally used for holding a wide variety of nuts and bolts. The drawers were so heavy that we had to take out all 178 drawers (2 drawers were missing) before being able to get the shelves out of the truck and into the barn. It didn’t take long, but it was a chore removing and replacing all those drawers!

For dinner, we had chicken and broccoli. Maureen was going to cook asparagus, but I wanted to paint the asparagus for a special painting that I must paint tomorrow…because asparagus is on the menu!


At the dinner table, we had a nice conversation about business and art. The state of Kentucky offers a marketing program for artists, but the artists are expected to maintain a consistent presentation in order to participate. My primary goal at Artcroft was to work on a body of work with a unified theme. I have found this to be very difficult. Every day is a new experience, and I want to translate those experiences in my art. I do not want to commit to one single way of painting. However, I do want to participate in this program, because I must expand my market if I am going to survive as an artist.

Speaking of selling art, I just received my acceptance into the Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival at Midway College on June 21-22…so mark your calendar if you will be in the Cincinnati/Lexington area this summer. This is a really nice show that you don’t want to miss!

Family hike

After dinner, I fed the black baby goat. She never made the transition from bottle to mama, so 3 times a day, someone takes her a bottle. She drank a bottle and a half for me…good girl!

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  1. Your work seems very consistent lately. I see you working on 2 series’ at once. Go for it!

  2. Thanks Sue! I decided to dedicate today to painting asparagus. So I will have a 3 series. Hope I’m not spreading myself too thin!

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