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Artcroft day 21

Ever have one of those days?

Today, I planned to get lots done. I was going to Maysville to get groceries, do laundry, meet a client about a design project, and then get back to Artcroft in time to have dinner and celebrate Maureen’s birthday.

Well, at the grocery store when I went to start my car, I couldn’t find my keys! I looked everywhere, then returned to the store…retraced my steps, and after looking for about 2 hours, I called a locksmith. He couldn’t make a key without the key code for my car. The only way to get the key code for my car was to go to the dealer…which closes its service department on Sundays. I thought I would have to tow the car to the dealer, but after a few phone calls, I learned that I only need to take the title to my car and my driver’s license.

I tried to make the best of the circumstances by taking my van to my old studio. If you remember my post on day 3, my home/studio was damaged significantly during the tornado storms. I had not seen the damage first hand, but knew what to expect. Now I agree that the house is not really habitable anymore, and I am very grateful to my friends who secured my things while I was away on my artist-in-residence. I loaded my van with some of my materials, then moved them into my NEW studio…which I think will be very comfortable.

Sorry not to have any pictures today. It’s really been one of those days. I need to get some early rest…tomorrow, I am hitching a ride to Cincinnati to get a new key for my car.

Its only been a few hours, but I really miss Artcroft. Can’t wait to get back!


4 thoughts on “Artcroft day 21

  1. Im sorry you had such a bad day. Hope your trip to cinti, to get your car keys goes well. Good luck.

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry! Sending you some happy karma that today is better!


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