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Artcroft Day 20

Wow, 20 days! Time really flies when you are having fun.

Angela Fremont left this morning. It was sad to see her go home so soon, but I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet her and to watch her create one of the most ambitious projects I have ever seen!

I spent most of the day in the studio painting.

I am simultaneously working on a group of oil paintings. I am learning to stand away from my work, give myself a few minutes to think about the painting before I return to it. I usually paint like mad until it is done. I am also able to let one painting rest while I work on another painting, but I do not have anything finished to show today…sorry, but oil paintings take more time to finish than small oil pastels.

I ran 5 miles. The roads were clear, but there is still ice on many of the trees. The run was beautiful!

I helped Robert put a milking stand in the barn. It is a platform that will hold Shirley steady while she is milked. The little black baby still hasn’t learned to nurse her mama, so she will probably have to be bottle fed until she starts eating grown-up goat food.

Tomorrow I will go to Maysville to do my laundry, have a short meeting about a design project, and then visit my new studio/house. It is also Maureen Barker’s birthday (Feb 24)
Happy Birthday Maureen!


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