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ArtCroft Day 2

It’s unusually warm for February…possibly in the 60’s!
The skies are dark, and it has stormed off and on all day…while I painted up a storm in the studio.

Here is a little oil pastel painting of my studio.

Sunday, I ran into 5 or 6 cats who were loafing around in a tree behind the log cabin in Augusta.  I thought they would make a good subject for a painting.  I like the oil pastel so much, I am in the process of painting it in oils.

I have another canvas that is almost finished…I haven’t decided whether to show it online or not.  I am afraid that If I show everything online, you won’t come to the show at the banana tree studios in April.  I’ll probably show it off, because it’s too good NOT to show off!

I also have some video I am working on…hope to get it up soon for everyone to see!

Did I say I love it here?