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Artcroft Day 18

It was very cold when I woke up, so I started a fire in the fireplace. While in the bathroom, I learned that the pipes had frozen. Even when the fire was burning pretty good, the living room was still cool. I discovered that the front door had come open during the night, and a chilly draft was creeping through the house! With the door closed, it took just a little while before the house warmed up, and the pipes thawed.

Group hug
In the studio, I finished a portrait of the goat family having a “group hug”. I did not plan to make a series of goat themed paintings when I came to Artcroft, but Shirley and her babies have made an impression on me.

While browsing through my albumns on my computer, I stumbled into “The White Album” by the Beatles. I had not listened to it for a while, because last time I played it, i played it over and over until I was sick of it. I thought I would give it a spin, and do you know what??? That album really stands the test of time. I still love it!

Sketch for two doves in a tree
While listening to John, Paul, George and Ringo, I sketched a wild version of a tree with two doves roosting in it. I wanted to use as many patterns as possible. There is a pattern in the sky…in the tree…in the earth…and in the birds.

Two doves-oil pastel
I was afraid that all the patterns would be hard to look at, but I think it might be the best thing I have done for a while! After painting it in oil pastels, I decided to paint it in oils.

Angela Fremont artist trading card
Angela finishing her painting...One Day-Day One
After dinner, Angela invited us to her studio to see her painting, “One Day-Day One”. We carefully walked the icy path to see one of the most spectacular paintings I have ever seen! The 5’5″ and 30′ wide painting depicts some of the poets who performed at the St. Mark’s poetry marathon. On January 1st, some of the world’s greatest poets meet to read their poetry to an audience. On average, a poet is only on the stage for 5 minutes. During this small window of time, Angela sketched the poets and wrote short verses from their poetry. At Artcroft, she reproduced the sketches almost in life size. I took a panoramic photo of Angela working on the painting, but will not show it until after it is unveiled at the museum this May.

Note: I will replace this note with the museum name when I get back to my studio. I wrote the museum’s name in one of my sketchbooks, but I do not want to brave the ice tonight.

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