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Artcroft Day 16

I was invited to have lunch with Kentucky’s poet Jim Lalley. We met at the same restaurant in Carlisle that Robert tried to take me to last week. She was having some construction done, and was not open. Everyone says it’s a great best-kept secret type cafe, and so far, it’s still being kept a secret from me! We ended up having lunch at Blue Licks State Park, 5 miles outside of Carlisle.
Shirley's family

Jim wanted me to help him organize a website for a writers group that meet at Artcroft the first Sunday of every month at 10 am.

this is a great opportunity for all writers living in the Cincinnati, Lexington, Ashland-Huntington area.

On the first Sunday of every month at 10am, (the next meeting will be March 2nd) The Writers At Artcroft meet.

Writer’s should come prepared to practice the art of writing based on a specific theme. A lecture is followed by poetry reading and discussion. This is open to the public, and you can get more information from:

Jim Lalley
606 763-6827

I have been invited to trade art with some of my friends that I have met online. A friend suggested that make Artist Trading Cards. Here’s how I understand it works:

  • they must be 2.5″ X 3.5″
  • they must be traded not sold

Artist trading cards

So I get the impression they can be made from any kind of medium. I would prefer to trade my cards in person with artists that I meet, but I have made some friends who live very far away, and may never visit my country…let alone my studio! I will trade cards by mail with anyone interested. I would prefer to trade cards that are original (not printed cards) since all my trading cards are original. And I would prefer to receive a trading card before I send one. If you are interested, give me an email. We can meet and trade, or arrange to trade through the mail. I think it will be fun!

I helped Angela Fremont hang a huge roll of paper on her studio wall. The paper is probably 5 feet tall, and 30 feet wide! (yeah, it took 2 people!) I think it’s funny that in one studio, the artist is working on a sheet of paper that size, and in the other studio, the artist is painting on 2.5″x3.5″ paper!

Shirley has inspired me to change my theme to include goats and baby goats (kids) I painted 2 small goat themed paintings today. They are really cute. Shirley is standing up without problems, and the babies are starting to figure out how to get milk from her. Since they had to be bottle fed as newborns, they come to me and Robert when they are hungry….I think they will figure it out!

almost Set For Eclipse
Tomorrow, a lunar eclipse is scheduled to happen. As the sun was setting, I noticed that the moon is almost on the completely opposite side of the sky. I took my camera and tripod, and took about 16 photos between the sunset and the moon rise. Then I put the photos together into one long, panoramic photograph. I recommend clicking the photo to see it enlarged. Unfortunately, it is snowing on the day of the eclipse, but for those in North America with clear skies, the eclipse is supposed to happen between 8pm and 10am…check it out! I wonder if there is a superstition about lunar eclipses? I’m thinking, they stir up creative vibes!

After dinner, I sat by the fire and chatted with Angela about art, and politics and etc. There is a beautiful Asian pot that sits on the coffeetable. A few days ago, Angela noticed that a spider was living in it. It hides under the lip of the pot, so you only get to see it on special occasions. We were looking for the spider, when I noticed a small spider next to Angela’s shoulder.
We captured it in a glass, and she identified it as the spider that lives in the pot. I was going to take it outside, but Angela thought it was cold for a house spider, plus, spiders are useful by eating other bugs…so she gave the spider an Asian name “Shu-Ying” and returned it to the beautiful Asian pot.
Angela And Shu-Ying

Well, it was another beautiful day at Artcroft!