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Artcroft Day 15

Today, I did a lot of work in the studio.
I have been thinking about Shirley and her babies…a lot (in fact, last night, I had dreams about baby goats).
We are still bottle feeding the babies, since Shirley cannot stand up on her own to nurse the babies.

I finished my oil pastel painting of the house around the corner with all the dogs. They make a great picture, but I do not recommend jogging by their house. Dogs love a good chase!

I have new roommates in my studio! They came in the mail.

ken With CHick
Baby Chickens. I believe the breed is called Burma. They have little feathers on their feet!

Here is Angela Fremont with one of the chicks.

They chirp a lot, but it is pleasant…it reminds me of being outside during the spring. Not a bad ambient sound during the cold month of February!

shirley Standing
While helping Robert feed the babies, Shirley decided to stand up! She decided she had recuperated from the childbirth, and she walked to the hay to have a snack. This was the highlight of the day. We were all afraid that she would not make it, but she is one tough mama!