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Artcroft Day 14

Sunday is the day I go into town and do my laundry.

I went to Maysville to have a look at my newly aquired art studio/web design office. I had agreed to renting it over the phone. My home/studio was damaged during the tornado storms last week, and I have a friend who was getting ready to rent a space in her building in downtown Maysville…it seemed like a match brought together by the cosmos. The space was very comfortable, and I know it is going to make a great workspace.

I did my laundry, had lunch with friends, did some grocery shopping, then headed back to Artcroft. The winds were picking up and the sky had a beautiful light and interesting pattern of clouds. I was anxious to get back to Artcroft, but had to stop long enough to take this picture.

After dinner, we bottle fed the baby goats and hoisted Shirley up so she could get used to standing on her feet. She is still very weak from the birth.
She is eating and drinking, and has a good demeanor (as always), but her legs are too weak to support herself. It is important that she be able to stand on her feet so that she can feed the babies, but also for her recovery. I hope tomorrow she gets up and gets to walk around.
come On Shirley

I showed Angela my studio after feeding the babies. She is from New York City, but has some country in her, so she’s alright with me. She understood the idea of composting banana peels, and wasn’t too prissy to sit in the hay and feed baby goats. She noted a few times with amusement that her city boots had mud on them. I have a feeling that her boots are going to have good fun out in the country. Can you imagine being a boot, and not getting to step in a muddy puddle? I have been the only resident for the last 2 weeks, and it was really nice to sit in my studio and talk about art, the artist’s life, and those other things that artist’s like to gab about.

This experience as an artist-in-residence has been awesome. I can tell that I am making some important developments as an artist. I’m sorry that I can’t express them very well with words right now. It’s been a long day, and I am so tired that I accidentally erased one of the sketches that I wanted to share with you all. Thanks again everyone who has been so supportive through your comments and emails. I want to personally reply to everyone, but I am not very good at finding the time to write the letters…I do read the comments and appreciate everyone’s kindness and friendship.