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Artcroft Day 13

Today was busy.

Hiking  With My Art Supplies

To start the day, I decided to take Robert’s advice, and attempt a plein air painting. The weather was nice (sunny in the 40s), so I strapped my gear on my back, and took my studio outdoors.


I chose to paint the road that leads to/from Artcroft. It is situated on a series of hills. With a nice mix of old trees. During winter, it is difficult to paint outside, so I paint fantastic images from my mind. I love my indoor work, but the fresh air blended with turpentine was like visiting a long lost friend. I love painting plein air.


I wanted to take advantage of the good weather, so I then went for a 7.5 mile jog around the block. I pretty much turned right at every road that I passed. There was a nice steep hill with a church at the top, followed by a sheep farm…complete with a variety of chickens scattered around the yard. I would really like to go back with sketchbook.

After the run, I noticed the truck was filled with compost. I offered to help lay the compost on the garden bed before taking my after-run shower. After unloading the truck, Robert came back from checking on Shirley (the big fat mama goat), and he said that she was ready to have her babies, but needed some help. I don’t think I was much help, but it was amazing to see Robert get in “there” and turn the baby from feet first to head first. Then he delivered another baby. One boy one girl.

I took my shower, then went to the studio to work, as the new resident drove up. The most important component of her project was lost in the flight. What terrible luck! She was able to order everything she needs, and it should arrive monday.

After having babies, a goat is supposed to stand up so the babies can get to her milk. Shirley still wasn’t standing up, so I went to the barn to help coax her to a standing position. When we tried to move her, she hollered like she was in terrible pain. There was another baby inside her…and this one was coming out feet first. The baby was not cooperative, and I thought it must be dead. Robert tugged on it, and had a difficult time getting it out, but it came out, and coughed. It was alive!!!! WOW.

Shirley still hadn’t stood up on her own, which is understandable considering what she went through. Robert, Maureen and I ended up bottle feeding the three little goats, and they are now resting in the barn with their mama.

What A day!