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Artcroft Day 12

Sorry folks, I don’t have any pictures of my latest/greatest today.

Yesterday, I hit a creative wall, so I was eager to get my mind off art and help Robert with some construction work to prepare Angela’s studio. (she arrives tomorrow).

After finishing the work on the studio, Robert invited me to have lunch with him in Carlisle, Ky. After driving into Carlisle’s charming downtown, we discovered the restaurant was closed due to sick children. While walking back to the truck, we met Ed Taylor, a friend of Robert. He offered to feed us at his restaurant ‘cafe on Main’.

Cafe On Main
sorry about the quality of the photo…i had to take this shot with my cellphone.
Although it was not open for business, Ed welcomed us in, and turned up the stove. The Cafe was decorated with beautiful art…real art! Every space on the walls in the cafe were being used to display paintings or drawings. We both had roast beef with a potato casserole and broccoli. It may sound like a normal lunch, but there was nothing normal about it. The food was a concert of flavors! I don’t rattle on about food…food is usually a means to an end…it gives me energy so I can paint. This food was a work of ART!

When we returned to the farm, I went directly to my studio and began a new, mysterious project. I don’t want to show unfinished work, but you can rest assured that I have broken through the creative wall. Thanks everyone for your encouragement on yesterdays post to keep those creative juices pumping!

Shirley, the big fat mama goat, was making fussy noises this morning. She is ready to have those babies, but they still are not ready to come out.