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Artcroft Day 11

tree House-Oil
Tree House

For me, creativity has peaks and valleys. For the last 10 days at Artcroft, I have enjoyed a surge of creative inspiration. Today, I feel like I ran out of creative energy.

Barker's Cottage
I started the day by doing some creative work for a web design project I have been hired to do. Then at the studio, I finished 2 oil paintings. Then took a couple snapshots. I went for a 5 mile jog, came home and did some light cleaning around the house…and then got ready for dinner.

Dinner with Robert and Maureen was delicious and pleasant as always, but when I returned to the studio, I couldn’t get anything done!

I felt like I was suffering from creative paralysis. I tried to paint an idea for a watercolor, but from the beginning, the composition was bad, and the colors were not agreeing with me. The worst thing was that I had no enthusiasm for my work. I am always excited to bring an image to life, but tonight, I could care less.

I hope haven’t overloaded myself. I am looking forward to helping Robert with some work around the farm so my creative juices can build back up…that should do the trick!

I am curious to know how the other creative folk out there deal with keeping their creative energies in check? (particularly when they hit a brick wall)