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Artcroft Day 10

Time is passing fast here at Artcroft. I am already 1/3 through the residency. I am having a great experience, and know it is going to be hard to leave when the time comes.

I spent most of the day in the studio, working on my oil paintings. I have 3 that are almost finished…if not finished:

Cat Nap
Lazy cat, was hunting for birds, then fell asleep. He’s not very good at catching mice either, but he is still a good cat.

Too Good For The Hen House
Too Good For The Hen House
When I raised chickens, they rarely went into their henhouse at night. They prefered to roost in the trees…there were many nights I had to climb the tree to bring the chickens down and put them in the henhouse!

prissy Little Cow
Prissy Little Cow
Prissy little cow likes to sit with her front legs crossed in the shade and talk with the birds. Soak in the muddy pond with the other cows…never!

Big Fat Mama Goat Waiting For The Baby
A watercolor painting of Mama goat who lives under the pottery studio at Artcroft, but she comes outside to look at the snow, and let me rub her belly…her baby is overdue. I think it wants to stay in her warm belly!