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ArtCroft Day 1


After driving around and through the beautiful hills of Nichols County, KY… I arrived at ArtCroft,  A creative residency program organized cooperatively by artists for artists.  After a walk around the farm, I was greeted by Robert and Maureen Barker, the hosts of the program. Robert showed me the painting studio, and helped me unpack my equipment, then did the same at my living quarters while Maureen prepared dinner.

I tend to be nervous in new situations, but the Barkers were welcoming and friendly. I did not fully feel at ease until I went to the painting studio. Once I had a whiff of the smell of turpentine and paint on my brush, I felt completely at home! This is going to be a great month!

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  1. I just googled ArtCroft and it looks amazing! You must be having a wonderful time! Beautiful paintings.

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