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Art From The Heart



It’s been a busy week.   Tuesday, I finished a painting that was created in honor of the Inauguration of President Obama.  I was particularly moved by this part of his speech

For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness.


I have been painting at the Ohio River Valley Artist Guild Building.  I can’t heat my entire studio, so I lug my paints to Old Washington where I recently finished a beautiful landscape that has been on the easel for almost a year!  Yes, I am ashamed for dragging my feet so long.  It has been a little intimidating for me to conquer a large canvas, but I am learning that the more I do it, the less difficult it becomes.  I am finishing another big ’un but won’t show it online until after it is unveiled…this Saturday!artFromTheHeart

I am helping to organize a Valentine’s day art show at the Ohio River Valley Artist Guild.  Do you like the poster?  It is my design.  We will many of the area’s best artists showing their work along with a Chocolate Fountain, Champagne and other goodies.  If you are celebrating with your significant other in the Maysville area, MARK YOUR CALENDAR, and be sure to make our show part of your evening.  The show is from noon-8pm.


Finally, a snapshot taken today on ”long stretch road” in Augusta, KY.   I love that road, and it is especially pretty in the snow.