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A Holiday Drive

IMG_3918 I don’t clock in and out like many traditional jobs.  The consequence is that I often work myself into a frenzy.   I love my work, and it makes me happy, but there is some truth to the saying, ‘all work and no play’…even for artists.

My Mom and Dad have retired in Georgia, where they are taking care of their parents.  And I wanted to pay them a visit for Thanksgiving…regardless of how busy things are in the studio.  I was also feeling consumed my many projects, and I needed to get away for awhile.

I decided to use all back roads, and avoid the mad holiday rush on the interstate.  IMG_3919The 600mile drive took 2 1/2 days, and it was a beautiful experience.  I drove slow, enjoyed the scenery.  Instead of rushing through at 75 miles per hour, I feel like I had a little more connection to the land I was driving through.

I noticed a trend.  Most commercial activity takes place on by-passes with a sprawl of familiar superstores.  IMG_0878I know you can’t stop progress.  Interstates satisfy a need, and everyone appreciates low prices, I just hope we are not in such a hurry we keep by-passing some of the best parts of our country.  Main street businesses are becoming more of a rare bird.  Their time might have come, but I think it’s worth the extra time and effort to support the idea of Main Street USA.