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A Hidden Treasure

Today was beautiful warm (high 40s) and sunny, so after doing my studio chores, I packed my sketchbook and camera to drive around the countryside for some inspiration.


Less than 5 miles from my studio, there is a road that I have never traveled. It goes up a hill. I was curious what was over the hill, and was surprised when I found out!


Dr. Cummins donated a large piece of land to the community to be used as a wildlife refuge in 1996. It has 3 sculpted trails, a very small amphitheater, a few ponds, and lots of birdhouses. I stomped along the trail, and really enjoyed the hike…even took the time to do a few sketches and take a few photos. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this great park.


After a few hours in the woods, I wanted to drive through the country to see the fields and farms. Now I remember how much I prefer a bicycle to an automobile.


A car is no way to see the country. If you drive 5 miles an hour, the cars behind you get impatient. It’s rare to find a safe place to pull over that also has a good view. Life is better on a bicycle…

sketch at cummins wildlife reserve