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A day of carving in clay 2 July 2020

My favorite part of working with pottery is surface design! It’s a good thing I love it, because it also takes the most time. Each piece takes at least an hour to carve.

Using a design from my sketchbook…penciled onto the pot and ready to carve

All of today’s designs were hand carved, using a technique, called sgraffito.

Carving the design

Since we are in the middle of the summer season, I have been inspired by one of my favorite summer flowers: the sunflower!

it’s sunflower season in Kentucky!

I have started carving a new porcelain clay, and it feels a little bit different from other clays. I found myself carving it a little bit different too. Because porcelain needs a little bet of extra care, I dry these REALLY slow. They might be ready to fire in a week or two. Stay tuned to see how they turn out!

Today’s work

4 thoughts on “A day of carving in clay 2 July 2020

  1. I’m hanging in without FB-miss the info from farmer’s markets-otherwise no big deal. Thought about you this morning and wondered how you were getting along. Take care, stay healthy.

    1. So good to hear from you. Im excited that you are doing it too!!! Makes me feel less lonely. We can probably find out about the farmers markets…it can be our research project! Hang in there! Thanks again!

  2. Hi Ken! as always loving your work, hope to visit soon so I can purchase some of your pottery, will make sure to connect with you before heading that way. Wish we lived closer so I could hang out with you and the pupsters and watch you make art.

    1. Hi Leslie, thanks! I wish we lived closer too, but hopefully it’s nice to have friends far away, so there’s somewhere to visit whenever you need a road trip! I’m hoping to load the kiln in the next couple of weeks. Long distance friends make great pen pals too 😉 thanks again!

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