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A Busy Week

Moving has been hard work, but I am feeling settled in my new home/studio.

I like living in town by the river. Now, when I run, follow the river from my studio to the ‘new’ bridge that crosses the Ohio river. Then I follow the river to the ‘old’ bridge which returns me to downtown Maysville. It’s a 7.3 mile loop without any loose dogs. I do have to pay attention to cars though.

augusta Sunset
Last week, I pretended to be a waiter at The Beehive Tavern in Augusta, KY. I took a break from helping feed the folks long enough to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the Ohio River.

I wanted to store some of my dusty pottery equipment to Artcroft so the equipment can get some use. Robert was nice enough to meet me in Maysville and carry 2 kilns, my kickwheel and other ceramic materials to Artcroft.

mike And Robert
Here’s a photo of my housemate (Mike) with Robert and the stocked truck…never mind the tornado damage in the background.

I never found my framing tape, so I had to drive to Cincinnati and buy some at the framing supply. I needed mattboard anyway, and a friend needed a ride to the hospital, so I was able to get a few things done in one trip. While at the frame supply, I was browsing their frame moulding, and thought I would buy a few styles of moulding.

Until now, I have made my own moulding from rough lumber. It is very time consuming, but I take a lot of pride in having made the frame and moulding. I think the commercial moulding has a very nice look…and it sheds HOURS off my workload.

Which Frame Do You Like?

What do you folks think? The moulding on the left is my moulding, and on the right is a frame made with the commercial moulding.

Today, I went to the Ohio River Guild Meeting, then worked on some of my clay sculptures. It felt good to get muddy. I have been so busy moving and framing, that I have almost forgot what it is like to do creative work!

Sorry for taking so long to post anything new…I just got my internet turned on at home. Keep visiting my site, I will have some new work to show soon!