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9 July 2020 – new pottery

Yesterday, I had a pretty good kiln firing. A couple of losses, and some lessons learned, but also some beautiful pots! This was my first time firing translucent porcelain with the sgraffito technique. It is beautiful. Something you have to see in person to appreciate.

you can visit the gallery and see better photos of each piece by clicking here or the image below

Like all my pottery, it is for sale, but not online. you have to visit my home in old washington, KY; where you can hold them in your hands; to decide which is the right one for you. They are dishwasher/microwave food safe. The design technique is labor intensive and carved by hand. Plates are $80, sugar bowls $55, bowls and the mug $40 each. First come, first serve. They are sitting on my porch and first come, first serve. If you are going to travel a long distance for something in particular, contact me first to make sure it is still available. I wear a mask and have hand sanitizer for safety, and ask one household to visit the porch at a time. Hope you can make it! It’s a nice day for a drive in the country!

6 thoughts on “9 July 2020 – new pottery

  1. so great! do you think you’ll try some other colors?

    1. Thank you! I have some yellows in the works. I like the printmakerly look of black and white, or other monochromatic color schemes. There might be some color variety, but i don’t think I’ll get into painterly surfaces, with lots of different colors at once anytime soon, but who knows? I usually don’t know what I’m doing until it happens!

  2. Another very nice collection of pottery. The duck bowl is my favorite!

    1. Thanks Mike! If you like the bowl, you might also like this similar design I’m working on for a mug. It’ll be light blue:
      blue duck mug

  3. Love this design and the blue glaze is perfect

    1. Thank you! More blue is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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