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7.27.2007I am trying to create a workflow where I paint, cycle, take, pictures, camp, and keep everyone updated on my blog. It’s frustrating when the library’s computer won’t let users switch to the Dvorak keyboard layout. (that’s a whole other story!) I do have some stories and pictures to share, and I think I have developed a system that will work while on the road.
It’s the fifth day “living” on a bicycle. I have adjusted to the reality that I probabably will not see my home and “modern” convieniences for some time still. I don’t mind, because (in spite of the hardships) when this journey is over, I know I will wish it lasted longer.
To start the day, I quickly broke camp, and resumed my pedaling toward Rogers City. I followed a sign that invited travelers to visit Presque Isle, and see their 2 lighthouses. The turn off the road ended up being a 6 mile comittment before seeing a lighthouse. (that equals 12 miles out of my way)
I stopped first at the “new” lighthouse. It was built in the late 1800s, and is the tallest on Michigan’s eastern shore. It was a pleasure to start my morning painting the structure, and even nicer to meet the “lighthouse lady”. She took care of the lighthouse, and was very enthusiastic about my painting and trip. She insisted that I climb the lighthouse. I had never climbed a lighthouse before, and while enjoying the view, I realized what I had been missing all my life. I don’t think a photo would do the scene justice, but I took a few snapshots anyway.(how do you capture the sound of seagulls, and the smell of fog in the air?)

I visited the original lighthouse, and painted it while the kind lighthouse keeper let me use their electricity to charge my camera’s battery. I think the older lighthouse has the more picturesque setting between the two lighthouses, but the new lighthouse has the best view!
In Roger’s City, I picked up my birthday present from my sister. (a tripod with flexible legs, so you could wrap it around a tree or a fence or a BIKE!) Thanks Carrie. While at the post office, I used the gifts box to send a pair of shoes and jeans that I will never use on this trip home. (i was warned about bringing too many clothes). Also of note, Roger’s City’s post office has aWPA mural depicting the town’s limestone quary.
My best memory of Roger’s City was it’s bike trail. It’s trail winds through the city’s pine woods and follows Lake Huron’s shore, guiding the cyclist to the nearby state park.
En route towards Cheboygan, I stopped at the 40 mile Lighthouse. I didn’t intend to spend so much of my time painting/photographing lighthouses, but seeing them in person is hard to pass up…especially with sand in your toes!

sorry about the pictures being sideways. this library’s computer gives 30 minutes use, and does not allow windows to rotate images…go figure!