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It can be tough sometimes.

Last night, it was raining around 7pm, so I found a nice spot to stay for the night in a wildlife preserve. After resting, I took my bike to Cheboygan. My first impression was very good. The town sits on a small river, lined with docking boats. The “Koffee Korner” makes a delicious pumpernickle bagel with ham, egg, and cream cheese.

I took the obligitory photos of their lighthouse, then decided to move on to Macinaw City. There, I was suprised to see the sidewalks packed with people…with standing room only. Flatbed trailers loaded with people were delivering people to the main part of town. There were even TV reporters. I felt like a one man parade, riding my bike down the street. At the shore, where you could see the bridge, I did a few sketches, but chose not to paint because of all the ruckus. I finally asked what all the festivities were about…It’s the 50th Anniversary of the bridge.

Happy Bithday Bridge!

I love people, but not in swarms, so I decided to get some distance behind me. I took a scenic highway nicknamed “the tunnel of trees” a 20+ stretch of windy narrow hilly road that finishes with breathtaking bluff views of Lake Michigan. I hadn’t experienced many hills in Eastern Michigan, so I renamed the course, “the tunnel of tourture”.

It got worse when the only store in Good Hart refused to let me use their sink to refill my water bottles. Of course, you can buy water there. I always spend money whenever I refill my bottles at a business, but out of principle, I was not going to support a business that is unfriendly to cyclists. The rest of the trek was pretensious mansions with keep out signs at all the pretty views. Still thirsty, I was putting out a bad vibe.

I breezed through Harbor Springs after getting some water, then followed their 20+ mile bike trail. As the sun was setting, I was afraid that I wasn’t going to find a place to rest, but at the last minute I found a patch of trees outside Charlevoix where I was able to end the day.