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30 June 2020 – printing ink and playing in mud.

I spent the last day of June split between the clay studio and the printshop.

The finished block. Ready for ink!

I have been working on a special print for one of my US Route 62 neighbors who lives all the way over in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The finished print. Hanging to dry

Today I got to put first ink on the block and then print an edition at the log cabin print shop.

Pots in progress

After printing, I had some time to put some handles on mugs, put some glaze on bowls, and then throw a few cream pitchers and bowls

Bowls and creamers just thrown from the wheel.

2 thoughts on “30 June 2020 – printing ink and playing in mud.

  1. every town on 62 should have your versions.. *deja vu*

    would be fun to wheatpaste some… and see how many you can get away with..

    1. lol! Yes, that’s a great idea! to wheatpaste us 62 prints up and down the highway. Could be a fun community project (teach printmaking and involve the local artists) when we visit the different towns? Thanks again!

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