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Count Your Blessings – Rainbow Roll

A collection of facebook and Instagram “stories” while creating the rainbow roll

Today, i stayed busy by printing at the cabin. I tried a new technique, called the ‘rainbow roll’ it’s when you use more than one ink on the same roller. It’s a little bit like juggling-trying to keep the correct consistency of all 3 inks at the same time. it took some getting the hang of, but I did it!

This was also my first experience printing with process colors (yellow, magenta, cyan). I’m used to painter colors, like: ultramarine blue, burnt umber, viridian, etc. CMYK process colors are different – id say mixing them feels more scientific than artist colors.

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adjusting to a new way of life

As an artist, I like to think the work I do is essential. If nothing else, during this time of high anxiety, making art has helped me ‘keep calm and carry on’. The COVID 19 pandemic has brought a lot of our non essential economy to a halt.

I’m self employed, which means I don’t have the safety net of unemployment insurance, but IM OK: I have plenty of art supplies, food and toilet paper. I’m paid up on all my bills. I don’t have children to provide for. I’ve already started this year’s vegetable garden- sweet peas are in the ground!

This global emergency isn’t the right time for me try to sell art. I don’t have to be pushy and beg my friends and patrons to support my work right now. IM OK. Take care of yourself, and your family, check on the elderly and at risk people in your community, support someone whose business is in free fall…I am going to keep making, and I’ll sell you something really pretty and big and expensive once life gets back to normal.

Most of my business is ‘in real life’ sales. A lot of us have had to move their work online, and I’m going to try to do the same. I have been making some charming (6×8″) woodcuts printed on 8×10 heavyweight paper. If your financial situation is secure, and you’d like to have one, they are for sale at $20 each. You can use the purchase buttons above, or visit my online gallery to view other work for sale. The sale will help, but don’t feel any pressure to buy. IM GOING TO BE OK.

Keep an eye on this space. I’m going to keep making art, and will share online in hopes of providing cheer and inspiration for you all. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES AND EACH OTHER

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Dust Bunny and Laundry Bunny Woodcuts

I havent left my house since thursday, and im watching the news more than i should…i can tell its causing me to be anxious, but i cant stop watching. Thought some spring cleaning would be a positive way to keep myself busy. Just finished carving this dust bunny woodcut. Will probably walk down to the cabin and print it later on. Hope you all are doing well!

i try to avoid actually DOING chores whenever i can, so i started another chore bunny. Laundry!!

The Laundry bunny, carved and ready for ink!
print time!
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Happy As A Pig In Mud

I already wish i had carved it bigger, this is 6×8. I combined 3 of my favorite things: printmaking, pottery and pigs! Title is: pig in mud. Will print later this afternoon. 

Special thanks to a donation from Purdue University’s Black Cultural Center, we have a new set of inks (from an even more more local company than our normal ink: only 5 hours away:chicago) to try at the log cabin print shop. Going to take them for a test drive with pig in mud!

you *know* with all those new colors, the first one i cracked open was brown. Haha

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A new ‘flowerpot’ – ferdinand the bull

Well, im working on another “flowerpot”. The first was 15″ the second is going to be even bigger! Im using a combination of pinch pot and coil pot, techniques you probably learned in elementary school. I dont know if pot #2 is a cow or horse goat or sheep, but whatever it is, building it is like dancing with a drunk.

not a very sophisticated support system. Here in rural Kentucky, we learn to get by with what we have!
adding horns