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Plein Air Painting with Kay Schafer in Maysville, KY

My friend and artist, Kay Schafer asked if I could show her a few of my favorite painting spots in Maysville. We decided to make a painting day out of it!

Thought id start the morning painting this scene…ive never painted this church before, and the light is nice.
compositiom and values… Ready for color
im happy with how it finished
decided to paint maysville from the ohio side. Thought it would be landscape orientation, but after sketching, it told me that it wanted to be vertical
values and composition worked out. I sure wish a boat would go by…
Maysville ky – river town 6×4 1/2″ oil on panel

Thanks Kay far visiting my little river town. Showing a guest around always gives me a fresh perspective of my hometown.

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Painting at Pine Mountian State Park

ISome views are too big for just one 6×4 1/2″ panel. The overlook at pine mountain state park

after spending time up on the mountaintop. I balanced it out with some time by the creek

my sketch of the creek

nothing more relaxing than listening to moving water… Nothing more anxiety inducing than trying to paint a scene when light is bouncing aroind everywhere. Yin and yang. Pine mountain state park