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Make A Zine Meet Up – Brooksville, KY – LUCK

March 26, 2018 was our  Lucky 7th monthly Art Zine in Brooksville, KY. Our theme was – LUCK. Here are the pages. Click any of the images (or right here)to see the whole album (including all our hand painted covers).

If you’d like to download and print your own copy of our zine, a printable PDF of the zine here:!AtHTtTOFjtUTpAXO4oRsmRZQrPK6

thanks everyone for participating! Our next ArtZine will be April 23 at the Barn in Rabbit Hash, KY.

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March ArtZine Linocut – Count Your Blessings

Every month, I visit a different small town and invite everyone to meet up and make an art maga(zine). Our theme for March’s ‘zine’ is LUCK. (We are meeting on March 26 In Brooksville, KY – come join us!)For my entry, i designed/carved/printed this linocut.


It seems like whenever I think about the things I DONT have in my life, i feel like an unlucky person. BUT – if I think about the things I DO have, I realize how lucky I am! That idea was the inspiration for this month’s linocut.


Count Your Blessings – Linocut
$25 (free shipping to the USA)

The image is 8×5″ and printed on an 11×14″ cotton paper. I made a few extras to sell for $25- not only do you get a beautiful handmade linocut, but you are also helping support my other art projects. For over 10 years, all of my income has come from art making, and your support. thank you for making it possible!


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Block Print Animations


I’m trying to get better at reduction block printing…a technique for making multi-colored prints, using one block. It forces me to think a little bit different about how I design and carve…which is good, but sometimes a little frustrating.

I’m also learning to make animations. I thought it would be cool to give motion to some of my most recent reduction block prints.



I really love mixing old with new technologies. What do you think?

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Maysville Third Street – New Linocut

I live in a charming little river town-Maysville, Kentucky. It’s on the Ohio River-we have the river, bridge, and lots of historic buildings. That’s a lot of picture-perfect scenery to squeeze into my latest block print.

The print is a limited edition (im only printing 16). The  image is 4 1/2″x12″ on a sheet of 10×16″ cotton paper. If you’d like to have one for your collection, I am selling them for $60 unframed or $120 framed. I’ll pay the shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Framing Options