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ArtZine December 2017-Mt. Olivet, KY – MIRACLES

I am working on an art project where I visit a different small town each month. The idea of this project is to encourage artists, writers and people of all walks of life to know each other, through visiting each others’ communities and making art together.

Last tuesday, we met for our FOURTH Art Zine, and met in Robertson County, KY at their Public Library. Here is what we made together:

You can click any of the images for more details and a full album of all the zine’s hand painted covers.





Ken Swinson


Mari Leet


Velda Smiley


Jennifer Wert




Lauri Aultman



Jennifer Gleason


Barbara Morgan


Jim Lally



Carol Mitchell



Genda Highfield


credit page


you can download and print your own copy of this zine through this link:!AtHTtTOFjtUToQaL6vXQp_Cq6ce8

You can also view share and download our album (including the 15 handpainted covers) here: December ArtZine – Mt. Olivet- MIRACLES

You can also follow our Art Zine facebook page for more information about future projects. 

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Squirrel Power! – New Linocuts

As an artist, I find wonder in almost everything around me. This can be both good and bad. Inspiration is easy. Focus and concentration, a bit more of a challenge. Especially in the age of always being connected to the internet.

Linocut printmaking is extremely low-tech, and has been my escape from the constantly distracting world of technology.

I have been working on a series of squirrels (there are 9 so far!) and they are FINALLY dry enough to offer on my website’s gallery. (I used oil based inks, which dry slow)

Here are a few examples from the series:

linocut block print of squirrel on bicycle

linocut block print of squirrel holding acorn

linoleum block print squirrels in tree
If you’d like to support my work and projects, consider giving one of these prints as a gift, or adding one to your art collection.


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New Block Prints – and Gallery update

I have been doing a lot of experimenting in my printmaking studio over the last couple of months. In the past, I have used thick, cotton rag papers, but I am now experimenting with a thin (but remarkably strong) mulberry paper. It is made from the inner bark of the Mulberry tree, and it does not hurt the tree to remove the bark. The handling is a little bit different from heavy paper, but I really enjoy the crisp details it gives.



printmaking a deer in a creek with grey ink
i have also been experimenting with different colored inks. The linocut above is made with a a light blue/grey ink. The grey really changes the art. Instead of a strong, graphic black and white-this color feels a little softer, and I love the mood it gives this scene of the Johnson Creek in Robertson County.



I’m not doing any more shows between now and Christmas, but you can still support my projects and give my work as a gift (or add one to your collection!).  I just updated my website’s printmaking gallery to include many of these new prints, so please give my website a visit. Here’s a link to the updated printmaking gallery:
I am shipping quick (within a few days), and for free in the USA!


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Frontier Christmas Open Studio Printmaking -through the lens of my friends

This weekend, we celebrated Frontier Christmas in Old Washington. As always, I open my home/studio to the public, and give a printmaking activity. Both days were filled with friends (long – time and new) the whole weekend. I was so busy covered in ink and making prints, i didn’t get a chance to take any  photos (ok, i did take this selfie!)

Lucky for me, a lot of my friends who visited are ALSO artists, and THEY took photos, and gave me permission to share. You can click any of the photos to visit their websites/social media/email for more information about them and their work.

photo by Stan Briede


photo by Stan Briede


photo by Patricia Timm




photo by Stan Briede


photo by Patricia Timm
photo by Sharon Teegarden


photo by Sara Pearce (Paper With A Past)


photo by Sara Pearce (Paper With A Past)


photo by Brandy Riegle


photo by Brandy Riegle


photo by Sara Pearce (Paper With A Past)


photo by Sara Pearce (Paper With A Past)


photo by Stan Briede



photo provided by Suzanne Whitaker

Thanks everyone for making this year’s Frontier Christmas a special one. I love it when other artists visit and enjoy our historic little village. It’s especially wonderful when we get the chance to see our neighborhood through the lens of their cameras. Thanks again everyone for sharing your photos…and folks, don’t forget to click the photos to learn more about the people who took them.



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Old Washington – the view from 62


My latest print of Old Washington. It’s the view from hwy 62-where you can see the village through the trees. Also, today and tomorrow Dec 2+3, the village is celebrating Frontier Christmas. You can visit my studio, and use my press to make a Christmas card. This is a limited edition (only 16) print-if you would like to purchase one, and support my work, click the image for more details.

mi grabado mas reciente de Old Washington. Es la vista de carraterra 62, como puedes ver el pueblo entre los arboles. Tambien, hoy y manana, nuestro pueblito va a celebrar Navidad en la frontera. Puedes visitar a mi taller y hacer un grabado con mi prensa. Este grabado es un edicion limitado (solo hay 16) – si quieres comprar (y dar apoyo a mis proyectos) hacer un CLICK de la foto.

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Christmas Card 2017 – A new star

Hot off the press! the design for my FREE printmaking activity during Frontier Christmas in Old Washington. (this weekend) you can visit my house from noon-5pm on Saturday and Sunday, and make one for yourself. no art experience required. I’ll show you how it works.

caliente de de la prensa. el desiño de me actividad de grabado Gratis durante el fiesta en mi pueblo. (este fin de semana) vistes a mi casa entre mediodía y 5 en la tarde para hacerlo. no necesitas experiencia. puede mostrarte como.