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the magic of 3D-rearranging models/lighting

An amazing thing about working in 3d, vs 2d art is the ability to move and reuse elements. I took the characters from yesterday’s blog post, and rearranged them (and the lighting) to create an entirely new scene.

This is yesterday’s artwork:


Here is a look at the shapes rearranged without any coloring or lighting effects

mesh view of 3d sheep made with blender

Here is the art after the computer (takes a long time and) calculates the relationships between the lights and colors

rendered version of sheep in a house 3d art


The finished artwork after a little bit of work in Photoshop.

3d render of sheep in a house

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Low Poly Sheep Farm

I am learning 3D modelling. From a painter/printmaker perspective, 3D is an entirely new way to think. It is more like sculpting, architectural drafting, and photography. I enjoy the challenge of new ways to make art, plus the geometric shapes from this ‘Low Poly’ style are really cool.  My math teacher would be thrilled to know I have been using those skills I never thought I would use in real life.

blender low poly render of sheep on a hill
Here is my first render of the scene.

Here is the same render with a little bit of texture and color adjustments added.

This scene isn’t complicated, but making it has been a good exercise in modelling basic shapes, arranging them in 3D space, and lighting..and it’s been fun to learn.

I’m using a software called, Blender. It is open source, which is awesome. It’s free, and created by a community of people all around the world who love what they are doing. You can learn more about blender at the blender foundation’s website here:

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, or want to talk about the process.

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procreate pocket-new drawing app for iphone

The makers of Procreate,my favorite drawing app for the iPad, just released a drawing app for the iPhone. It’s called Procreate Pocket, and it is a pocket sized version of the original.

drawing with procreate pocket

This little app has enough features to be useful without taking up too much of the phone’s precious screen space. Just playing around, i sketched 2 dogs.

gif animation of drawing 2 dogs with procreate pocket
The tools were easy to learn, since I am already used to the iPad version of their app.

iphone drawing of 2 dogs

I expect to do a lot of sketching with this little app. I don’t always carry an iPad with me, but I ALWAYS have my phone.

If you aren’t familiar with Procreate, here are a few links to some of the artwork I made with their iPad app.

ipad drawing of chickens beside a kumquat tree ipad painting of the Johnson Creek Covered Bridge ipad drawing of farm with a pond