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lemonade from lemons, and trying to think positive


I depend on my car. I use it to travel and explore, it carries my paintings and art supplies along with other stuff.


It’s also my ‘home away from home’ and gives me a safe place to sleep while i’m on the road.

The van is having problems, and my mechanic says he can’t fix it.


I can’t get a new van right now, so I have been thinking of alternative ways to get to the places I need to go.

I am lucky to live in a small town that has some public transportation, but it only serves Old Washington/Maysville.
Getting to my studio in Cincinnati (one hour’s drive away) is another challenge.
I got a little bit depressed thinking about my situation, because I convinced myself that my world has just become very small and limited without a car.

Then I started thinking about how my life might be different without a car…and it wasn’t that bad…it’s just a different way to exist.   I can still travel and have adventure.  It would definitely be more healthy.

In 2007, I rode my bicycle all the way around the coast of lower Michigan. It took 2 weeks, and was an amazing trip.

In 2010, I rode my bicycle from Washington, KY to Washington, DC … another great experience.

I know it’s possible to explore and travel long distances without a motor vehicle.  It isn’t the fastest or most convenient way to travel, but it will be more meaningful, because you have more time to experience the people and landscape you are traveling through.

So, I’m going to see how long I can get by without a reliable car. Artists in particular are good at ‘thinking different‘.


Since my mobility is different, I need to adjust the way I do business. Online sales will be a bigger part of my plan. If you like any of the artwork featured in this blog post, please click any of the images  for details on how you can buy prints…and thanks!