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my corny animation

my latest animation…a stalk of corn growing from the ground. The leaves were a little tricky. When it warms up, i want to start projecting these animations on the side of my house at night (you know…public art)….of course, it needs a crow flying over the corn, or it would just be silly.


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Back after some down time

My blog crashed while I was out of the country. Long story short, I couldn’t fix it until I came back, but I still had a great 5 weeks in Mexico. It was my first time away from the USA as an adult, and very exciting and inspirational. I learned that life doesn’t always work out the way you expect it to, but it’s still pretty awesome!

Here is a charcoal drawing that I made while in Mexico:

charcoald drawing of a bullrider

It depicts a bullrider at the fiesta in the village San Sebastian Tutla. I made a short video about it you can see here:

I have lots more art to share. If you want to see it first, I am going to have it on display at my studio THIS FRIDAY (6-10pm) AND SATURDAY(11-3pm) at the Pendleton Art Center, in Cincinnati, OH.